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Jonathan Pokluda

Jonathan “JP” Pokluda is the Lead Pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, TX. In addition to this, he is the host of top 11 Christian Podcast, Becoming Something, as well as best-selling author of Outdated, Welcome to Adulting, Welcome to Adulting: Survival Guide and Welcoming the Future Church.


JP's partner in ministry is Monica, his wife of seventeen years, and together they disciple their children Presley, Finley, and Weston. JP didn’t come to understand the grace of the Gospel until his early twenties after being involved in different denominational churches his entire life. This ignited a desire in him to inspire young adults to radically follow Jesus Christ and unleash them to change the world.

Todd Ahrend

Todd Ahrend graduated from Northeastern State University, has a Masters from Dallas Theological Seminary and a Doctorate from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

He is the founder and international Director of The Traveling Team, a national missions mobilization movement. He and his wife, Jessica, have spent over two decades traveling both nation-wide and abroad, speaking to thousands of people about involvement in world evangelization. Todd has exposure in over sixty countries and has lived in the Middle East.


He is the author of The Abrahamic Revolution and In This Generation. Todd and Jessica have six children: Camden, Brody, Axel, Noble, Quincy and Cruz!

Jason Kuhlman

Jason Kuhlman was born and raised in the Sooner state of Oklahoma. From a young age his faith was predominately founded in growing up in the heart of the Bible belt until a friend challenged him with a question that rocked his world…”What if you’re not really a Christian?” For the next 6 months Jason explored the teachings of Jesus and what He really meant when Jesus called people to follow him, ultimately leading him to follow Christ personally.


Over the last 18 years Jason has helped college aged individuals explore their own questions about faith, Jesus and the Bible. He has spent time founding StuMo at the University of Texas in Austin and helping college students find Christ in East Asia among some of the most unchristian countries in the world.  He’s passionate about his wife Kelsey and their two kids, Colt and Sailor, while they live out their calling together of helping the next generation have an authentic faith. He can be found in the woods chasing the elusive buck or fly fishing on a river when he’s not changing diapers.

Brent Reinke

Since coming to faith as a freshman in college in 2006, Brent Reinke has been passionate about seeing college students transformed by the power of the Gospel. He has invested the last 15 years engaging college students in their faith and challenging them to give their lives to Jesus’ mission to make disciples. He is also the Founder of Disciple Forward, a ministry that equips and empowers Christians to make disciples. Brent is a dynamic communicator who connects with the audience through humor and personal stories, while giving people practical ways to apply God’s word. Brent is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and currently serves as the Campus Director for Texas Tech Stumo. He and his wife of nine years, Natalie, have four kids.

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Sean Vollendorf

For the last twenty-five years, Sean has served reaching and developing college students and twenty-somethings with StuMo. Sean’s fusion of real-life leadership stories combined with his knowledge of scripture helps him communicate dynamically with college audiences. 

Sean’s book, Unsatisfied, targets spiritually hungry, irreligious people who have grown disappointed with what the world has to offer. His podcast, Endangered Species, helps young men grow in their pursuit of being Christlike. A sought after speaker, Sean travels the country speaking to college students.

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Jennie Allen

Jennie is a Bible teacher, NY Times Bestselling author, and the founder and visionary of IF:Gathering. She loves God and believes in this generation of women. Jennie is committed to this mission: disciple a generation. She wants to help women love God more every day, see Him for who He is through His Word, and share the truth and love of Jesus to as many women as they can all around the world.

Jennie is married to her husband Zac. They have 4 children. Together as a family they are consumed with loving God with everything they have and are on a mission together to give that love of Christ away.

Jennie wants women to know: God sees you. He loves you. He has invited you into the beautiful story He's written for this world.

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