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A couple of weeks ago I was driving down the interstate when my car turned off.

Not parts of it, the whole thing.

Engine – off.

Headlights – off.

Power steering – gone.

Power breaks – gone.

As I’m cruising down US Route 75 at 70 miles per hour, I begin to realize just how much I’d taken for granted power steering and power breaks. Believe it or not, it is tough to turn the wheel or get your car to stop without those working.

As I pull my car over to the side of the interstate and finally get it to stop, I’ve gone through a full-body workout. I was able to turn my car and break without power steering and breaking – but it is a lot easier when you have the power that comes from power steering/breaking helping you!

Momentum for Campus Movements

The “M” for our SMC Objectives is “Momentum for Campus Movements.” One filter we look through as we plan the schedule, content, and different events at SMC will impact and create momentum for what God is already doing through individual movements on college campuses.

Disciples can be made without SMC. Laborers can be sent out to the ends of the earth without SMC. But our hope and prayer as we plan SMC are that SMC would be like “power steering” to campus movements – SMC would add momentum and power to what God is doing on the individual campuses.

Power steering and braking aren’t necessary (technically), but it makes driving a car a whole lot easier. You don’t want to drive without it.

In the same way, SMC is not necessary for “building laborers for Christ from the college campuses of the world,” but it is a catalyst for accomplishing that goal and vision.

I wouldn’t want to labor on a college campus without something like it!

Campus Time at SMC creates opportunities for students from the same campus to meet and build friendships with other students looking to pursue faith in college and learn what it looks like to stay connected to others intentionally growing in their faith back on their campus.

Nightlife events allow students to create memories with students they can take back to campus and remember as the world tells them it is impossible to have fun in a way that honors God.

Establishers and Breakouts are designed to help students seek to follow God back on their college campus, not just the four days they are at the conference.

I am incredibly thankful that our ministry does SMC every year. I love it because the purpose of SMC is not to make a four day conference over winter break great – it is to elevate what God is already doing on college campuses.

Join with me in praying that God would use SMC Dallas to bring Momentum to Campus Movements!



  • How have you seen SMC add momentum to what God is doing on your individual campus?

  • What are ways that you can use the different parts at SMC to intentionally create momentum for your campus movement?


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